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Here you will find all the great new features and updates we have completed based directly on the feedback you have provided.

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RELEASE: August 30, 2015

Summary: Changes include extending the amount of content a guest user will see by default, adding city/state as a way to set your location, making it easier to share content via social media, and backend performance enhancements to increase usability.

  • Increased Guest User Content Radius: We have doubled the radius for content for our guest users, from 20 miles to 40 miles! By default, a guest user will now see content within 40 miles of their location, making it easier to see local content. Paid monthly members with an active subscription will still see content within 100 miles.
  • Location By City/State: You can now set your location based on a city/state as well as a zipcode. Just type in a city and we will show you a list of available matching cities/states that you can pick, making it easier to change your location without having to know the zipcode of a specific city.
  • Social Network Sharing: New social media icons now appear the right-hand column of every page to allow you to share information across a variety of social media sites. Sharing your own listings, or a listing you find interesting, is now very easy. Just click on the social media icon of choice and share the information with your friends and family.
  • Backend Performance Updates: We have completed some behind-the-scenes performance updates to improve your experience with our website.
  • MISC:
    • Removed New England Theater 411 logo from header
    • Changed text 'Change Zipcode' to 'Change Location' for setting location used to return event listing content
    • Added text of selected City/State to location information
    • Added quick link to 'Create New Listing' form in display table on pages where no current content is available

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